Political Party Platforms

November 12, 2015

Please use the following links to access the major parties’ political platforms.

Democrats’ Party Platform

Republicans’ Party Platform

Public Policy Project Outline

November 4, 2015

Use the following Word document as a guideline for your Public Policy Project Outline.  Keep it open while you are doing research and add facts to the outline as soon as you find the information.  Also, record the source right away so you won’t have to search for it again later.

Public Policy Project Outline

AP Macroeconomics Unit 5 homework

January 15, 2015

This Word file contains all the homework assigned for Unit 5.

AP Macroeconomics unit 5 homework

Homework #9

November 17, 2014

Homework #9 has two sections for you to read and answer questions about.

Section 1 is due Tuesday, November 18: https://www.docsoffreedom.org/student/readings/modern-debates-on-rights

Section 2 is due on Thursday, November 20: https://www.docsoffreedom.org/student/readings/liberty-and-equality-today

Homework #7

October 20, 2014

Homework Pack #7 has open-ended questions about your opinion based on the readings.  Be sure to answer completely with depth.

Section 1 due Tuesday: https://www.docsoffreedom.org/student/readings/elections

Section 2 due Wednesday: https://www.docsoffreedom.org/student/readings/political-parties

Section 3 due Thursday: https://www.docsoffreedom.org/student/readings/voting

Homework #6

October 14, 2014

To complete homework #6, you need to read the assigned sections on Documents of Freedom. The first section is “Rights and Responsibilities” and is due on Wednesday (https://www.docsoffreedom.org/student/readings/rights-and-responsibilities). The second section is “The Virtues Required of Citizens in a Free Society” and is due on Thursday (https://www.docsoffreedom.org/student/readings/the-virtues-required-of-citizens-in-a-free-society). Please be sure to answer all questions thoroughly and with complete sentences.

Homework for Tuesday (9/22)

September 22, 2014

Homework Pack #3 due Wednesday, September 24

Section 1:  Complete this section before class on September 23.

Read pages 181-188 from your packet handed out in class. Then answer the following questions.

  1. Define the following words as they relate to US government.

Public bill



Pocket veto

Roll-call vote

  1. Why do you think the number of private bills has declined in recent years?

3.Does the complexity of the lawmaking process make it more or less likely that effective bills will be passed? Explain.

  1. Is it possible for all members of Congress to keep informed of all bills under consideration? What are the implications of this?

Section 3 of Homework 2–due Sept. 19

September 18, 2014

Read the section “Justice for All” on Documents of Freedom.  Then answer the prompt on your homework sheet.  Please remember that you will be turning in your homework tomorrow.  If you need to correct anything from previous days’ work, please do so.


Section 2 of Homework 2–due September 18

September 17, 2014

For homework tonight, please read the section “The Structure of the National Government” from the Documents of Freedom text.  Answer the questions listed on your assignment sheet.


Homework Pack #2

September 15, 2014

All the questions for Homework #2 will be turned in on Friday, September 19.

Section 1 questions are due in class on Tuesday, September 16. Read the section titled “The Constitution.” https://www.docsoffreedom.org/student/readings/the-constitution


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