Homework for Tuesday (9/22)

September 22, 2014

Homework Pack #3 due Wednesday, September 24

Section 1:  Complete this section before class on September 23.

Read pages 181-188 from your packet handed out in class. Then answer the following questions.

  1. Define the following words as they relate to US government.

Public bill



Pocket veto

Roll-call vote

  1. Why do you think the number of private bills has declined in recent years?

3.Does the complexity of the lawmaking process make it more or less likely that effective bills will be passed? Explain.

  1. Is it possible for all members of Congress to keep informed of all bills under consideration? What are the implications of this?

Section 3 of Homework 2–due Sept. 19

September 18, 2014

Read the section “Justice for All” on Documents of Freedom.  Then answer the prompt on your homework sheet.  Please remember that you will be turning in your homework tomorrow.  If you need to correct anything from previous days’ work, please do so.


Section 2 of Homework 2–due September 18

September 17, 2014

For homework tonight, please read the section “The Structure of the National Government” from the Documents of Freedom text.  Answer the questions listed on your assignment sheet.


Homework Pack #2

September 15, 2014

All the questions for Homework #2 will be turned in on Friday, September 19.

Section 1 questions are due in class on Tuesday, September 16. Read the section titled “The Constitution.” https://www.docsoffreedom.org/student/readings/the-constitution

Civic Virtues Reading for September 9

September 8, 2014

Follow the link below for the reading for tonight’s homework.  Please remember to also complete Section 1 on the homework sheet that was handed out today in class.


Government Reading #1

September 5, 2014

Our primary textbook for Participation in Government is online.  You can read the chapters online or download them for yourself.  I will also try to make available a few printed copies of the readings for those who prefer that.  For Monday, please read the section title “Introduction to Documents of Freedom.” You will have an assignment to complete on Monday based on this reading.


Personal Budget Project

May 28, 2013

Budget spreadsheet
Use the Excel spreadsheet linked above to enter your Spending Record. Ultimately you will be creating a monthly budget for yourself considering this data.

A Penny Saved Homework

April 16, 2013

A Penny Saved comic
Your homework using the comic A Penny Saved is due on Thursday, April 18. If you did not finish the reading in class on Tuesday, you can open the comic book file from the link above.

Tips on the Legislative Process Project

January 15, 2013

Your project is due this Friday–there is no possibility to turn it in late because the semester will be over. Please make sure that you use your time wisely in class today to get this done.

For step 3, use congress.gov to find out which committees each bill has been referred to. You will have to use your own reasoning to determine the reason for referral. Why would each committee been concerned about the bill you’ve listed?

Step 4: For one of your bills, find one lobbying group that supports the bill and one lobbying group that opposes the bill. Find information about why each group has the views they do. This directory may help you: http://pag.vancouver.wsu.edu/

Step 5: Find the bill on your topic that went to a vote in either the House or Senate or both. For your two Senators and your Representative, find out how they all vote on the bill (yes or no).
If none of your bills went to a vote, please note in part 5 and then go on to Step 6.

Step 6: Please type your answer directly after the instructions for Step 6. Your answer does not need to be double-spaced or use a Works Cited page. If you did the first 5 steps well, they will be your Works Cited.

Be sure to study for your final exam tomorrow!

Legislative Process Project

January 2, 2013

For the last couple weeks of the semester, we will be learning about the legislative process. You will be completing an accompanying project. All the instructions are in the following document. Please download it and save it (with your name) to your email.
Legislative Process project


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